Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Night Dedicated to Candy

Some people LOVE halloween. For me, Halloween is like New Year's: some years it's a blast and other years it's just like any other day. As a kid, the measure of a good Halloween was based on how much candy I brought home and if I could find a good spot to hide it from my sister.

A good Halloween also always depends on if you have a good costume ready, and having a good costume doesn't just "happen" it's a matter of serious planning. My favorite Halloweens as an adult (someone too old to get free candy) were those I had the time and interest to prepare for. It's been a while since I've done this. I knew my first Halloween in California would be a busy one so I put extra effort into my Tinkerbell costume and I ended up wearing it for a week straight...not because I was crazy but because we had dress-up parties and dinners and downtown mayhem to take part in. By the time Halloween actually came around I smelled more like a swamp fairy. That was a recent favorite.
This year, I don't have a costume...just bags of candy I'm secretly hoping I'll get to keep for myself. It's a selfish outlook, I know, but I guess without a good costume ready all I have to base things on tonight is how much candy I have left at the end of it and if I can find a good spot to hide it from Tommie.

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  1. hahaha just don't hide it under your bed, that where I'd always steal it from you :D