Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cookware Review

A few weeks ago I mentioned I would review a product from I chose to order something functional since we really don't have the space for non-functional items. Out with the old and in with the new--I traded in some of our old warped and scratched cookware for this handy 10-piece porcelain enamel cookware set by Rachel Ray, and I got a sweet deal on it too!

The normally $250 set was already on sale at 48% off, I had a $40 promotional credit, and there is a $40 mail-in-rebate going on until March 31st. Did I mention free shipping? This brought the cost for the whole set to $50. I love a good deal!

Pros for the cookware set would be its contemporary design with bright colors (we went with the orange to match our kitchen curtains and utensils), and the non-slip, comfortable handles. Every piece is sturdy and yet not overly heavy. They all have non-stick surfaces, though I don't think it's completely necessary in a large pot and assume it will wear down over time as most non-sticks do. I made the mistake of telling Tommie to read the "care instructions" which warn you not to cook above low-medium temperature in order to preserve the integrity of the pans. Dinner will definitely take longer to cook if he keeps following the rules. I also wish the large pot was just a little larger.

All in all, I find it to be a good quality, useful cookware set at a very reasonable price.

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