Sunday, October 30, 2011


It snowed last night, and though we refused to turn on the heat in protest of the early onset of winter and the thought of an early spike in heating costs, we did take other measurements to winterize the place--like pulling out storage bins full of scarves and mittens (I'm wearing both as I type this); putting our heated mattress pad, down comforter, and flannel sheets on the bed, and rearranging the bedroom so we'll be closer to the heater when we do cave in to the thermostat. 

We moved the bed from this side of the room...
To this side (which was seriously lacking in feng shui)...
 So that now, it looks like this...
We even found a multipurpose use for the aforementioned storage placing them at the bottom of the bed, we can set up our computer there and watch television shows and movies under the comfort of  warm blankets.  
The rearrangement also provided me with the perfect excuse to hang up my lantern from Turkey. Prettyyyyy.

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