Saturday, June 16, 2012

Going to Carolina

We will be on our way to North Carolina this time next week. Well, I will be. Tommie is already there, so I guess he'll be on his way back.
We've been living separate lives for a few weeks while he started his new job down there and I stayed here to wrap up and pack. I think we both feel we could use a temporary boyfriend/girlfriend while the other one is away. I swear I just want one to help pack and move things around, though naturally I wouldn't mind if he did this with his shirt off. Alas, I'm managing without a Ryan Gosling look-a-like to help, but I'm anxious to get going. 

Just like when my family moved to California, I'm not sure what to expect. That was over six years ago, and now I look back and I forget what a crazy time that was--learning a new place, meeting new people, making a new life. 
The first time I left home I was nostalgic, but it's different leaving the second time. It is partly true what they say, that you can never really go back home. It's not the place that changes so much as it is you that changes from living somewhere else. Also, after leaving home for the first time, you realize you can leave home. You can make a life for yourself somewhere else, and that knowledge is powerful. 
I used to be afraid of change, but over time I realized I can't control it--all I can do is try my best to thrive within it. So, here we go onto the next big change. I'll be sure to document bits and pieces along the way.

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