Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Weekend Around Durham

On Saturday I bought herbs to plant in pots on our deck (basil and mint) from Durham's weekly farmer's market. Not only are they good for cooking, but they are also supposed to ward off misquotes!
We stopped for lunch at a modern French restaurant/bakery downtown: Rue Cler. Tommie had muscles and frites (fries) and I had a salad with chicken, brie, and crispy onion frites. They have unique breakfast options as well so it's a good place to go with guests who like either. The food was fresh, tasty, and affordable.

Later we stopped at Sugarland in Chapel Hill for gelato. Mango and peach for my tutti-fruity man, and blood orange and lemon for me. Always a nice treat on these hot, summer days.
Sunday morning we took Maya for a walk in Northgate Park. We drove past it the weekend before and wanted to come back to explore. The park itself is quiet and shaded with play areas, picnic tables, and a bridge over the creek. We discovered that it connects easily to a trail that follows alongside Ellerbee Creek and continues to the Museum of Life and Science and beyond. The paths are shaded and flat...Maya approved.

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  1. I need a mint plant!!! Totally reminds me of when we used to eat them off the plants at our first house. Yumm! I've been infusing water overnight w/lemon, cucumber, and mint and it's supposed to be a really good detox/cleanse and tastes super refreshing! You should try it with your mint :D