Monday, August 20, 2012

Fresh from the Market

Farmer's markets are becoming part of our weekend routine again. The farmer's markets in North Carolina are year round because they can be. Amazing.
This one is in Carrboro, but we also go to downtown Durham's a lot.
To put our produce to good use, I decided to start making a conscious effort to make some of the recipes I post on Pinterest. That is the point of it after all, isn't it?

I started with this basic pasta dish from Alexandra's Kitchen. I used my basil plants and sweet Italian red peppers from the farmer's market. I had to skimp with cheap canned crab meat, but it came out well. I also sautéed the peppers instead of roasting them. Roasting in my oven just didn't seem like much fun after watching this guy do it with a spinning flame-throwing roaster at the market. 

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