Thursday, January 24, 2013

Puppy Business

I kind of started a puppy sitting business by accident.
I was looking for a side job to help supplement my writing gig and watching a puppy while writing seemed like a fantastic way to double-dip.
So, I started walking and sitting for one little guy and then the owner recommended me to her friend who wanted me to take her new puppy too.  The first day of watching both was pandaemonium.  To top it off, a woman walked by me on the street and asked if she could have my e-mail address in case she needed someone to walk her two dogs!  Mind you, I do still have my other job.  This thing was spinning out of control.
Anyway, I think I have it worked out now so that I watch only the one dog on most days, and the two of them one day a week.  I'm still able to get work done during nap times and at home.  

The pups and I are getting used to each other.  I think that puppies are like babies (only puppies are cuter)--they are often crazy for no apparent reason, they loose bodily function often, they slobber on you, and they try to eat everything.  Older dogs and older children don't get enough credit in this world.