Monday, January 19, 2009

The Blame Game

I have a theory that any problem I encounter in my life, any problem at all, is caused by one of two people—my younger sister, Eva or George W. If I suddenly couldn't find the Easter candy I'd been saving; if something is broken, or if my parents are trying to find the source of a sky-high phone bill...all signs point to Eva. When food and gas prices rise, my savings interest rate drops, or the world starts to fall's George. Sometimes the lines get blurred, so I just blame them both. I swear that you could trace the root of any problem back to one of these two culprits. While I have no doubt we will be feeling the ripple effect of the past eight years for much longer, tonight is the last night I can really blame George for any problems that arise...sorry, sis, it's all on you now. (Hands off those jelly beans under my bed!)


  1. If you didn't keep the jelly beans under your bed for 3 months after Easter we wouldn't have a problem would we? Really..what kid waits that long to eat their candy?

  2. This cracked me up. Throwing your sister in the same category as W, that's serious sister warfare. :)