Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I always see people walking and running along a path that I drive by every day on my way to and from work. The path winds down a curvy hill and continues through a pretty patch of trees across from the golf course. The trees intrigued me...actual trees with branches and leaves that provide shade (as opposed to palm trees) are hard to come across in San Diego. Last weekend I told Tommie we were taking a marathon walk to see where the path went. He groaned; I glared; he put on his shoes.

Standing under the trees you could almost pretend you were somewhere in the long as you turned your back to the golfers, the cars whizzing by and ignored the planes on their loud decent. I miss the stillness and solitude of the woods.

After my daydream among the trees, the path continued upward. For some reason people like to smash bottles on all the paths out here which means Tommie has to carry a squirming 40lb dog up the hill. Now it was his turn to glare.
The path came to an end at the park overlooking the skyline. Satisfied with my knowledge of where it led, we headed home.

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