Saturday, January 9, 2010

Aries Parents

My parents are packing up their belongings in California and heading back east this week to start living and renovating the fixer-upper barn house they recently bought in Bethel, Maine.

They are finally realizing a big dream of theirs and I'm just as happy for them as I am worried about them. Not many people move to Maine from San Diego in the middle of January. Even less people move to a house with no heat and a decent bathroom in the middle of January. And even fewer drive a 26-foot truck across the country with a cat who gets motion sickness in the middle of January. This is a recipe for an anxiety attack for an over-prepared Libra, but for two Aries it's simply another adventure.
I once flipped through an astrology book that rated what signs were best and worst matched for parents and their children. According to the book, the worst sign for a Libra to have as a parent would be an Aries. This is probably for health reasons alone. My parents are great fun. Anything that is "great fun" gives me a heart attack.
While I don't operate like them, I've always admired my parents for being able to take big risks and have fun doing it. I joke that if I wasn't raised by two Aries I would officially be the most boring person on earth. I think it's their influence that makes me want to explore, and do crazy things like sail off a cliff with a parachute, and to keep chasing after my dreams. I'm glad they are still chasing after theirs even if the way in which they do it is not for the faint of Libra heart. Happy and safe travels, you two.

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