Friday, March 5, 2010

Craigslist Addiction

There are many great time-wasting sites on the Internet like FaceBook and UTuble, my favorite happens to be Craigslist. I justify this by claiming that Craigslist is a productive time-wasting site since I use it to find the things I need or to get rid of the things I don't. Of course, I'm guilty of spending far too much time doing this, which undercuts the productivity argument.

With the knowledge that Tommie and I will (finally) be moving out from underneath my grandparents and into our own apartment in a couple months, I think it's time I admit I'm officially addicted to Craigslist (that's why I'm taking a break and writing this blog...about Craigslist).

Over the years, I've used
Craigslist for a myriad of important tasks: I have gotten jobs from there, found the apartments I've lived in (and the ones my family have lived in too), I've furnished apartments, sold furniture, and even met friends using Craigslist (my creepy sister posted a note on Craigslist to the neighbors we had never met and put the link outside their door). Craigslist is popular in southern California because people there are so transient, and if you live there, I would highly recommend using it. Craigslist is catching on on the East Coast, but there just aren't as many people here and not as much swapping going on. I realized I have been living in a Craigslist turns out that furniture in the real world costs more than $50. A lot more. Go figure. Craigslist might not be as easy to navigate in the Boston area, but I guess that just means I'll have to spend more time trying.

Maybe I should start going to meetings for this.

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  1. Haha you KNOW that was the best post ever written on craigslist :)