Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Results Are In

As you may recall, a couple weeks ago we met a man and woman who had a dog that looked eerily similar to Maya. The couple told us they had just sent away a DNA kit to find out what kind of dog theirs might be, and that they would e-mail us the results. Well, the results are in...

There were only three identifiable breeds associated with their dog, and the breeds are ranked according to how strongly they show up in the dogs DNA. Showing up with the highest percentage (12.5%...which is still considered a "weak match") was Boxer. The other two were LESS than 12.5% and they are Italian Grey Hound, and...ready for this...Poodle! People have called Maya a lot of things before, things I've never heard of and may even be considered insults to dogs across America, but NEVER a poodle.
(Maya with a couple of Italian Greyhounds)

The report went on to say that there was a high likelihood (greater than 90%) that the last four generations of this other dog's lineage were mixed from at least three breeds themselves, which is why there are not more significantly discernible breeds in its genetic make up. What I love is that none of the discernible breeds account for the most obvious physical traits (like out-turned front paws, short legs, extra long bodies, or light hazel eyes).

We still want to get Maya's make-up tested one day to see if they can uncover anymore of the mystery. But knowing the way this has gone, she would be something we'd never guess, like 50% husky. All we know now is that Maya sure is special; her smarts could come from her great-great-grandpoodle; and she probably comes from a long line of hoochies. No surprise there.

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  1. She runs like a greyhound that's for sure.