Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twin Lobsters and Twin Dogs

When I asked Tommie what he wanted to do today, he said, "I was thinking lobster." I may say no to a lot of things but I never say no to lobster. We headed down to Roy Moore's in Rockport so we could take Maya and sit outside on the crates overlooking the harbor. Maya looks like a seal about to get fish dropped down her gullet.It's a good thing we had Miss Maya with us because we ran into her twin along the way. We don't come across a lot of dogs that look like Maya (especially around here), and this was the first dog the other couple had seen that looked remotely like theirs. She was the same size, age, had the same out-turned paws, perky soft ears, slightly long snout, even the same light green eyes, and a matching doggie dimple. Like Maya, they said theirs is smart, and therefore very stubborn.Maya's twin doesn't have the same long tail, but the owner's mentioned she had lost some of her tail when they found her in rough shape on the side of the road in Mexico (so sad!). Both she and Maya have had quite the journey from the U.S. southern border to northern Massachusetts. The owners told us they just sent away blood work to see what kind of dog they have so we exchanged e-mails and hope they will let us know what they find. Maybe there is some new kind of funny looking Mexican dog breed emerging.

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