Sunday, November 21, 2010

Best Thing About Football When You Don't Like Football

I am not a "sports person." When I "watch" football, I am watching the fans in the distance with their funny painted belly's, or I'm laughing at the way that guy grabbed that other guys butt on the way down. And I used to always hate the way that Sunday football cut four hours out of our precious weekends. But over time I have learned to appreciate those four hours. Football freezes the majority of men and some whole families in front of the TV for an allotted amount of time and it's a time when non-sports fans can run errands without waiting in long weekend lines. It's my favorite time to go to the gym or go for a run. Aside from the cheers/screams echoing from peoples windows, it's quiet outside and there are hardly any cars on the road. I know that while the game is on nothing important is going to happen so I can do all the laundry, reupholster my chairs, and blog uninterrupted. I never thought I'd have a reason to wish football into overtime, but lately I've been excited to have the extra time to myself.

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