Monday, May 23, 2011

The New Rainy State

States in the Pacific Northwest, like Oregon and Washington, have always intrigued me but I hear they get a lot of rain and that's depressing. Lately I have been wondering if living on the East Coast is any better. I check the weather every day and all throughout May it has been the same prediction: clouds, rain, and unseasonably cold temps. It's just insult to injury after we endured an exceptionally bad winter. Tommie and I recall the last time we had nice weather (for more than a few fluke hours) was in October on Columbus Day weekend of last year. That was over seven months ago.
My mom thinks we should get "sun lamps" to improve our moods, but I think it's beyond improving about this matter. The sun made an appearance this Saturday and I wasn't even happy to see it; I was mad at it...I knew it would be gone the next day, and it was. I'm indignant. I'm not joking when I say my goal for next year is to gain flexibility so that during the winter and spring stints of perpetual gloom, I can just if I have to, until I hit sunshine...I don't care what direction or how far I have to go. I'll just use my usual guidelines: To avoid getting lost, stay between Mexico and Canada. There has to be sunshine somewhere in between.


  1. Yeah. This weather blows.
    Maybe it'll mean the botanical gardens will be extra beautiful in July?

  2. It's beautiful in Florida Amber!! Come visit me!!

  3. *cough* I.don' *cough*