Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick Trip To North Carolina

(The beautiful Duke Gardens--gator free...we think)
Tommie is taking a class in Durham, North Carolina this week and I followed him there over the weekend because it was a good excuse to take a break from work, weddings, and worrying. We both like North Carolina and I'm not completely sure why...maybe because it's warmer, it's cheaper, and we're usually there on vacation which puts us in a good mood. Tommie's theory is simpler: he claims he falls in love with any city that makes really good gelato. Sugarland in Chapel Hill makes gelato that's on par with San Diego's (our favorite) and it is right next to UNC's campus in Chapel Hill which has brick walkways, weeping trees, and reminds us of a bigger Wheaton (our alma mater in Massachusetts)...only they can grow apricot trees on their campus (so jealous)! We also took a day trip to Asheville (about 3.5 hours from Durham) because we were curious to see this hip, artsy community in the mountains. They have a bustling downtown with lots of interesting restaurants and shops and based on all the adorable mutts walking around and eating with their owners, it's a very dog friendly place. We were also going to check out the Biltmore Estate (former home of the Vanderbilts) in Asheville until we noticed that a day pass cost $70 (too rich for our blood!), so we took the free "self-guided tour" of the restroom in the visitor center and took a picture of a picture of the estate. Good enough for us!

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  1. Nice bathroom at the visitor center. Did you know those stepping stones Tommie is walking on at the Duke Gardens are modeled after Grist Mill Stones? I like those too.