Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pie In A Blender

For our wedding present my parents got us (or should I say, got Tommie) a Ninja Kitchen System. Let me start off by saying that sometimes Tommie finds himself captivated by infomercials...particularly food-related clips. Once he heard that this gadget can serve as a blender, a food processor and more (neither of which we have), he had me add it to the registry. And when it arrived, what was the first thing he wanted to make with it? Pie.
See, it comes with this handy little recipe book complete with some mouth-watering images, including one of key lime pie, which happens to be one of his favs. I'll admit I was skeptical about the whole pie in a blender thing. Plus, I've never made pie of any sort before ( that case, maybe making it in a blender was a good way to start). The ingredients were simple: sweetened condensed milk, eggs, and lime juice. We poured them in, hit a couple different blending settings (this thing sounds like a lawnmower when turned on), poured the mixture in a graham cracker crust, baked, chilled, and voila!
Tommie claims it falls into his "top three best key lime pies"--yes, he rates food in his head all the time. It was easy and quick to make; a good balance or tart/sweet and had a very smooth and airy consistency. I think we should be on the next infomercial.

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  1. The next time we get together I'd like to try a piece of that Ninja Key Lime Pie. My mouth is watering.