Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back Into the World

Tomorrow I'm headed back to work. I wish I could say my foot felt all better but each night it hurts like a son of a gun and the cast is really starting to bug me. I'm also anxious to be able to walk again sometime since I've only been outside twice in the past week and I move slower than my grandmother probably ever will.

Tommie has been good at doing stuff around the house. Maya, on the other hand, seems annoyed that I've been hogging all 'her" furniture with my leg up.
Though the recovery is slow, I'm happy the actual surgery wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Despite my nerves causing my blood pressure and temperature to soar, I was very composed. I did say some pretty strange things...like that I would rather be a tree than a person...which I think I should have waited to say until after I had been put on strong meds so the nurses wouldn't have given me such strange looks.
Whatever...we're used to strange looks, right Maya?

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  1. haha WHO sits like that?! She's the cutest thing in the world..and I'm talking about MAYA, don't be vain :)