Friday, March 30, 2012

My Mom's Birthday

(That's right, my Mom's birthday is the day after my Dad's.)

I get all of my old-person sayings from my Mom; things like "That smarts!" and "Who's that tall drink of water?" Like me, my Mom isn't exactly up with the times, but one technological phenomenon she has embraced wholeheartedly is Pinterest.
So, in honor of her birthday I'm pinning a piece of personalized art she drew in art class and gave me at Christmas. She said the little figurine reminded her of me. I suppose a little Amish girl reading a book in a corner is pretty accurate of how I was as a child. I don't think I sat on a crate, but who knows...we didn't have money.

A few weeks ago, I spray painted an 8x10 cheap wooden frame bright yellow, choose a matte with a black inlay because it seemed to compliment the sketch, and put my Mom's drawing in the bedroom on a wall I'm using as my experimental "Pinterest-inspired" collage wall.

I love the way little Amish Amber pops in the bright frame. Happy Birthday, Mom. You've been pinned.  

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