Friday, April 6, 2012

Pinterest: Bravely Go Where Few Men Have Gone Before

My husband prides himself on being somewhat of a social media guru, and he is pretty savvy when it comes to figuring out how to navigate new technology, but he joined Pinterest today and the pressure to pin has left him pretty distraught.
He is very concerned about the "finality" of his boards and pins--so much so, after two hours he had only two pins and he tried to strangle himself with his wrist rest. 

He is also trying to understand the patterns to everyone's boards and the number of boards they follow. Numbers? Patterns? This is Pinterest, Tommie, not Excel.

Based on other blogs and discussions, it seems it's more difficult for men to wrap their heads around Pinterest because it appeals more to a woman's mind which is constantly going from one thought to the next in rapid succession, and to our affinity for pretty things. Pinterest helps organize the jumble of ideas we have, the inspiration we come across, and captures our dreams. I think, if it's pretty, pin it, while Tommie abides by the motto, ponder before pinning.
Other men have mastered the art of Pinterest, but for Tommie, it will take some time. He just isn't comfortable being swept away by pretty pictures--he's got to approach it with a solid plan in place. Here he is manually writing out his board ideas on a whiteboard. Who knew pinning could be so serious?

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  1. Hahahaha SERIOUSLY?! WHO plans their pins on a white board?!?