Sunday, January 23, 2011

Collecting Color

Thank goodness I have a summer wedding to plan during one of the coldest and snowiest winters. Thoughts of bright colored decorations and warm summer dresses provide temporary relief from the arctic world outside my window.
I have started to gather decorations to achieve my summer ceremony and reception visions and snagged some great deals so far:

* 12" yellow paper lanterns bargained down on Ebay: $1.68 each (I got 10)
* 10 turquoise table runners with free shipping on E-bay: $25
* 30 paper hand fans from a former bride on Recycled Bride: 0.35 cents each (I got 36)
* 2 blue metal vases on clearance at A.J. Wright: $5.00

I love finding good deals and that task alone could keep me busy all winter long. So, while snow continues to cover the ground outside, I'll continue to cover myself with brightly colored decor until summer arrives.

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