Monday, February 21, 2011

Back In Town

We are [reluctantly] back from our San Diego vacation. We had a wonderful time visiting, eating, and socializing at our old haunts. Though it did rain a few days while we were there, we managed to get the most of the sun when it was out. We walked around La Jolla, Coronado, and Balboa Park.We met up with my sister, friends, and old colleagues. While taking pictures, Tommie backed into a cactus which I had to pry out of his leg. He's not allowed to be around cactus without supervision now. We stalked our old neighborhood and watched all the happy dogs playing at the dog parks and I felt bad for Maya back in the snow.

It was fun and easy to visit a place that we knew so well. We didn't have to waste any time looking at maps or flipping through tourist books. We knew what what we wanted to do, how to get there and, of course, what to eat. We probably gained 10 pounds each, but it was worth it to get our fill of sushi, Mexican, Thai, New Orleans, gelato...the works. It was a true culinary tour and very relaxing which is exactly what we needed.
Like all vacations, it is hard to come back, especially from a place we once lived...a warm place, I might add. I'm going to catch up on some sleep now and keep the blinds down so I can pretend there are still palm trees outside.

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