Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let There Be Cake

Another big wedding decision has been made, and it's one that some of my friends think is the most important...desert. As much as I love desert, I hadn't given it much thought because I don't like wedding cake. Often times they are traditional, expensive and though when I'm at a wedding I might eat my slice (and Tommie's) out of sugar addiction, I never find that they taste good with all that fondant. But my grandparents insisted on taking care of the cake for us and how could I then deny something like cake?

With that said, we still wanted to do "the cake" in a cost-effective way that also represented us, so we met with a local baker in Hampton to go over ideas and flavors. We opted for a small custom designed "couple's cake" on top of tiers of cupcakes. We chose two flavors: delicious lemon cake and frosting, and vanilla with sweet cream cheese frosting. It should be a light, refreshing way to end a savory meal of Mexican food which we'll serve at the reception.
The photos here will serve as the inspiration for our cake and the accompanying cupcakes.
The cake will be a base of pale yellow with shades of gray for the contemporary branches and leaves, and there will be pops of white and orange in the sugar plumeria flowers she'll make on top (these flowers are popular in Hawaii and San Diego). She'll carry the gray petals onto the cupcakes which will be wrapped in silver wrappers tying into our Mexican "tin" idea. We can't wait to see how it all comes out, and getting a custom-designed desert for $300 was easy for all of us to swallow!


  1. Soooo excited!!! I can't decide between the two flavor choices though....I am going to have to really think about this for the next few months :)

  2. That is a beautiful cake idea Amber, I really like it. Tell Colleen I'll split my cupcake with her so we can each try the different flavors.

  3. All the best weddings serve cupcakes. Obv.