Monday, August 22, 2011

Merhaba Istanbul

As my sister says, "Who honeymoon's in Turkey!? You're supposed to go to Hawaii or the Bahamas--you're so weird."

Our reason for choosing Turkey (Istanbul, mainly) is because we wanted to go somewhere abroad, and a mentor/friend from the college Tommie and I attended owns a place where we can stay. It is funny though how life leads you down certain strange paths.
As a person who has always loved words, particularly words that are fun to say, I remember learning about Constantinople in elementary school and thinking I'd like to go there someday because it sounds cool. This was long before I understood that Constantinople is modern Istanbul; long before I knew Tommie, or what college I'd attend, and long before we knew a woman who owns a house in "Constantinople."
Just like planning a cross-country road trip to San Diego for class in 8th grade, six years before my family moved there, maybe I sensed that someday I'd have an opportunity to travel to Turkey. Or, like my sister says, maybe we're just weird. Either way, we're about to embark on an interesting journey. Here goes!

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