Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bringing Pinterest to Life

A lot of what we do around here involves food.

We go out and try new restaurants around Durham; we head over to neighbor's houses for potlucks and curry; we host new friends at cook-outs and dinners. We don't drink, but we sure do eat a lot.
My go-to recipes for get-togethers are guacamole and key lime pie, but we've already graced parties with these platters so I've had to start thinking of ways to branch out. Enter Pinterest. 

The danger with Pinterest is that you may find yourself pinning pretty picture after pretty picture but not actually doing anything about it, so I've been going back and attempting to bring my "Foodie" board to life.

I posted a couple weeks ago about making this pasta, crab, and basil dish. It was simple to make, filling, and a welcome change from regular pasta.

This week I was tasked to make a salad for a get together. I had no lettuce but I did have plenty of basil growing outside and bright orange tomatoes from the farmer's market, so I tried this chickpea, basil, and cherry tomato salad recipe. Again, easy to make (this is key for me) and a twist on regular salad. 

Over the long weekend, I tried this recipe for banana "ice cream," which really only requires frozen bananas and a food processor. If you want, you can add peanut butter and cocoa. 
This never happens, but I actually might like the plain banana version better. I still eat my fair share of regular ice cream, but this is a healthy alternative. It even looks like ice cream.
I have to admit that I feel a sense of accomplishment seeing these pins come to life instead of just drooling over the pictures. 


  1. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person who gets frustrated with my lack of pinning follow through.

    Good job on making some progrss and successfully pulling off some decent meals!

  2. I have been trying so many recipes from pintrest and let me tell you this website is genius. I am so addicted!!!