Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sometimes The Dog Has The Most Fun

We tried to take a little escape trip this past weekend to Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC. It's only a couple hours away from Durham and I found a small cottage online for rent that was within walking distance to the shore.

We were going to take a dip in the water, read outside on the patio, let Maya sprawl out on the grass in the sun, and go out to dinner at a nice steakhouse. You know what they say about the best laid plans...

The sun never came out, and staying inside the cottage was not appealing. Tommie kept referring to the house as "arachnophobia." He didn't much care for getting hit in the face with cobwebs everywhere we turned.

The one positive was that the place had a really big fenced in yard so that in between the rain we could throw the tennis ball with Maya and kick around a soccer ball. Maya also got to sleep in bed with us, which always equals a good night sleep for her and a poor sleep for those who have to share it with the little medicine ball. The dirty furniture and dead spiders on the floor didn't bother Maya either (I think she ate a couple), but the spiral staircase did. She would climb up slowly one paw at a time then wait at the top for Tommie to rescue her.

We only made it one night and decided to come home early. One nice thing about the trip is that we realized how much we were looking forward to coming back to our place. We've only been here for a few months now but it already feels nice and comfortable and it's (mostly) cobweb-free. Maya, however, votes for a big backyard one day, and I agree. Sometimes she is the only one who enjoys herself.

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