Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greetings From The East Coast

We made it. It was a long, slow journey from west to east but 7 days later we arrived at our final destination (much to Maya's happiness) in the Northshore of Massachusetts. The truck moved at a snail's pace along I-15 to I-80, then eventually getting on the I-86 and taking the I-90 towards home.

Maya's fear of trucks got worse when she realized they seemed to be everywhere we went (truck stops and hotels right off the highway)...just as she feared, they were coming after her. She spent most of the trip shaking in her paws, but I managed to document her adventure in some photos—kind of like the lawn gnomes people steal and take pictures of all around the world:

Maya goes Mormon, Salt Lake City, Utah
Maya meets bison, Evanston, Wyoming
Maya enrolls in Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
Maya on the Mississippi, Muscatine, Iowa
Maya in "the wild," Scoharie, New York

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