Monday, April 13, 2009

San Diego Scrapbook

T minus seven days before departure. I have actually found it more difficult to accept leaving San Diego than leaving my hometown. I knew that place would always be my "home;" I knew I would visit as often as possible; I knew I had ties there, but San Diego doesn't have a clear label in my was a place I spent 3 years of my was where I had my first real job, where I had my first apartment, where I had plenty of adventures. I am leaving with much more than I came with...more perspective, more memories and more things to miss.

Things I'll miss most about California:


Citrus trees

Sushi Deli

Dog Parks
/Dog Beaches


Calls from base

Steven Jekyll Webb


The fact that rain dates don't have to exist

Everything being "10 minutes away"

South Park and our apartment

Craftsman Houses

The Adventures

Exploring the West Coast

La Jolla Shores


Gay pride

Being 3 hours behind everyone else

And, of course, my family

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