Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Million Years Ago...

We were 15 years old, ending our freshman year in high school, and we would talk on the phone for hours about other people we had crushes on (we still do that sometimes). One day he massaged my shoulders and had a look on his face like he wanted a smooch. He later claimed that was NOT the look he was giving me...I might have had something stuck in my teeth...but I've never been one to pass up an opportunity to kiss. Shortly after we starting going out, I think we realized that we were supposed to be in each other's lives for a reason, and we don't even know the extent of it yet. I don't know if we're soulmates, like-minded Libras, or just plain losers, but after 10 years I do know that we are lucky to have each other. Not a lot of people find someone they can trust, tolerate and love at such an early stage in thier lives. Being so young, the road here wasn't always smooth, but getting through it all has made us a stronger, more understanding pair.

When we decided to attend the same college (which some thought, including us, might be a bad idea), I said, "All I want is for Tommie and I to look back on these four years and be happy that we came here." And we were very happy. And so, with another uncertain million years ahead of us, again all that I can hope for is that Tommie and I can look back on the next 10, 20, 1,000 years, and that we will be happy that we came here, together.

Happy Anniversary.

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  1. HAPPY ANIVERSARY...your present is......ME :D