Friday, June 5, 2009

You Know You're An Old Couple When...

As Tommie and I approach our 10-year anniversary this month (that's right, 10 years, one decade, countless headaches), it has become pretty obvious what an old couple we are. We've always been old souls; put two old souls together and this is what you get:

You Know You're An Old Couple When...

You sleep in separate twin beds on opposite sides of the room (of course this is partly because it's too much work to switch out the beds while we bunk in my grandparent's apartment...but it's still bad.)

When your grandparents go out more than you do.

When you don't talk during meals because you have already said everything you could possibly ever want to say to each other.

When your partner starts calling the dog "Lover."

When even his sneezes start to annoy you.

When you purchased two "Tush-Cushes" for long car rides. (Tommie wants me to specify that I insisted on getting them.)

When you go out to dinner promptly at 5:00 to beat the crowd and get the early bird specials (and don't forget the coupons).

When you buy matching snuggies for your 10-year anniversary...Okay, so I'm only joking about that last one...we're not there quite yet but we're only two ugly snuggie's away.

1 comment:

  1. I love this picture!! Classic Amber and Tommie.

    It's getting you both snuggies for your birthdays :)