Friday, June 26, 2009

A New Low

My friends and family like to point out that I say/act like an old lady, and I can't really argue with them. I do blurt out the occasional old person saying and the mere thought of going out on Saturday nights tuckers me out. But I hit a new "old person" low the other day...

Tommie noticed a local restaurant was having a 1/2 price anniversary sale. Being the cheapos we are, we planned our evening around this occasion. We stocked up on all the half-price food we could eat; Tommie even went back for seconds. But the fact that we were as excited about this deal as the senior citizens in town was not the worst part of it...

My greek salad came with a big piece of fresh pita bread. I didn't use the bread with the salad and was just going to leave it at the table until Tommie said, "Hey, bring that home." My eyes lit up, "Yeah, we can use it with hummus." I stuck the piece of pita in my purse, but I immediately felt like I had crossed a line no 25-year-old should cross. When you start sticking bread in your purse and pockets, you are officially an old person. I once saw an elderly man stick six dinner rolls in his pockets on the way out of the restaurant where I worked.

It's a new low and I'm not proud to admit that I hit least the bread tasted good with that hummus the next day.

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  1. Nothing to be ashamed of here....sounds like a normal night to me :)

    Hope you are enjoying Fiesta!!!!!