Friday, June 12, 2009

Over the Hill

Today is my younger sister's birthday, and while most women dread turning 30, 40, 50 and so on, Eva is convinced she is over the hill at age 22.

Eva is the
epitome of a 21-year-old: Her favorite hobbies include drinking, singing karaoke, wearing crowns in public, and biting men with nice lips. Before Eva turned 21 she gave us the day-by-day "Countdown to 21"...I'm pretty sure she started this clock on her 16th least that's how it felt to someone who had to hear about it every day. I can see why, compared to years of anticipation for a 21st birthday, the 22nd would really take the wind out of that sail.

Though the big
hoorah of 21 has come and gone, I know there will be other milestones worth celebrating in her life (and I'm sure many will warrant the excuse to wear plastic crowns), so I hope my sister enjoys her birthday and embraces the climb up and over the hill to "old" age.

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  1. haha Horrid picture thanks! you coulda picked one from AFTER i started my diet..ewwwww :/ I'm ollllddd BOO :(

    i'm crazy.