Friday, December 2, 2011

The Nice Thing About Paint

The nice thing about paint is that it's easy and inexpensive to repaint if you change your mind--good thing for a Libra who changes her mind a lot.
I bought this unfinished cupboard from Craigslist for something like $25. My first paint job was bright and bold. It didn't matter that it didn't match anything because I kept it in the front hallway to store canned foods.
Then I brought it into the living room during Christmas last year for extra surface space and it stayed inside. The red and turquoise tones were a bit rambunctious for our living room and the small wooden knobs on the cabinets bugged me.
So, I decided to repaint the interior face a more subdued tan and sage green. When painting furniture, Behr's 8 FL OZ sample jars are a good route to go; costing less than $3.00, they provide plenty of paint for the job and you can choose any Behr paint color.
The green came out lighter than I wanted, but it's growing on me especially with the new brass knobs in place. My color snob husband isn't a fan of the three-color scheme, so I'm entertaining the thought of replacing the light tan with the light green, making it only two colors. After all, it's just a little paint.

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