Monday, December 26, 2011

Most Popular Posts of 2011

I started this blog three years ago the day after Christmas. Each year it takes on new topics as my interests and my life evolves. 

Every blogiversary I like to run a report in Google Analytics to find out the most popular posts for the past year.
Just as my wedding dominated my thoughts this past year, so too did it dominate my blog visitors'. The most viewed post of 2011 is a how-to for making luminaries from soup cans. I did this project for my wedding and am happy other people found inspiration for making their own.
The next most popular posts were also wedding-related, covering topics such as flowers, cake, and my honeymoon to Istanbul. Part of the fun of planning a wedding is searching online for ideas and pictures; I hope the brides that came across my blog during their search were able to find a little bit of help and inspiration for their own big day.
 With the wedding behind us, stay tuned for new topics and adventures in 2012. Thanks for viewing!

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