Friday, December 16, 2011

What To Do When You Can't Do Anything

Sometime this winter I have to have surgery on my toe. Even though the surgery itself will be quick and dirty, taking just under an hour, the recovery time is estimated to be months. 
As much as sitting under a blanket, watching episodes of Dawson's Creek while eating cupcakes for several months sounds great, it really loses its appeal when I'm forced into it. Even I have my limits.

I don't do well sitting still. I literally can't look around the house without thinking of something that needs to be done, getting up and doing it. Each day I have a checklist in my head of chores and projects and I can't imagine not being able to do them. Tommie can try to help, but dirty dishes and dog toys on the floor just don't bother him the way they bother me. I am a woman, and I am insane.

Before surgery I will clean and prepare as if I am going to be in a coma for six months. The next thing I need to do is come up with some really good ideas of projects I can work on while sitting still. Making a photobook/s of our recent trip to Turkey is one thing I already plan to do, but I need more ideas. Any one out there have suggestions? Sadly, there just are not enough episodes of Dawson to keep me entertained for months.

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