Friday, January 27, 2012

Accepting Discomfort

I know that getting surgery on my toe is the least invasive place I could need it, and I guess I should be thankful for that, but I'm really not good at accepting things. 

I took a meditation class this week and the instructor took us through a "body scan" asking if certain areas felt "good, uncomfortable, or neutral." If they felt uncomfortable, she encouraged us to stay with that area for the moment, breathe through it, accept it, and see if it felt better. 

It made me realize I have not been accepting my problems very well lately. I get mad at my body for causing trouble--I get so mad I literally hate myself. All that negativity doesn't help. I know that the tension and stress I am adding to an already tense and stressful situation isn't good. The pain in my foot is not just going to go away. I have to accept that I will have to face my fear of evil doctors wielding torturous sharp objects to get it taken care of. I have to be brave, patient, and breathe through it. I may never be a positive thinker, but I can certainly work on being more accepting of the occasional discomfort.

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