Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mrs. Meltdown

I've had a few meltdowns recently--just your typical uncontrollable tears and ramblings of a crazy lady PMSing, worrying about the future, scared to have surgery in a few weeks, and cursing the cold months that make us all a little extra bitter this time of year.

We all know who really suffers when this happens...our significant other. What are they supposed to do or say? Any word or sudden movement risks sending us even further off the deep end. And really, don't we just need to get it all out? Are we really looking for logical advice or help? No.
After 12 years, Tommie is starting to understand this. He used to try to present logical arguements about why my world wasn't coming to an end, which only upset me more, but the other day he sat quietly then said, "Well, I'm here for you," and that's really all I wanted to hear.

Times like these, I am glad to have someone that I can count on. It's not easy for an independent person to rely on the help of another, but I have to do it sometimes and I'd rather it be someone I trust second in line to myself.
I think it's fair to say my Mom is more concerned about Tommie's well being than my own right now...which is okay...he needs the backup. She knows he's patient and more understanding than she is of my irrational (though rational to me) fears and complaints. Poor Tommie has a wife and a dog who whine and whimper whenever they have to go to the doctor or get scared.
I know things will get better; life will go on; spring will come's just going to be a tough few months. I'm lucky to have someone who will wait it out with me, even through the meltdowns.

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  1. Hey Amber, I hope you get through these moments well enough. You've got lots of people and animals who love you. I think the brass at the U.S. Navy will have a bigger meltdown when they see that picture of Tommie Watson at the helm of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.