Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Computer, Old Soul

Over the weekend Tommie and I bit the bullet and bought me/us a new laptop (13" MacBook Pro). It was time for my old iBook from the college years to retire considering I could make myself breakfast in the time it took to open photos or navigate a couple Web pages.  

I am getting used to the new laptop--loving the clearer, brighter screen, the light up keyboard, and of course the increased speed. Apparently this thing can do a lot more, but I'm probably not the best person to test it.
When you go to the Apple store to purchase a computer they help with personal setup. Helping me setup took twice as long as helping elderly couples who were in and out of there before I could even get my username to work. Tommie kept slapping his forehead in pain. I asked the Mac genius if he thought I could get a job there. He didn't answer.

In my defense, my previous Mac was so old that I didn't have updated information that was compatible with the new one. Against my defense, I have never been good with technology. It's the old mind, the creative soul, the defender of dying arts against the new engineers who would rather see novels written in HTML code. Computers "know" this about me and I'm telling you they rebel--they are very smart, and maybe I rebel back, but I'm not admitting to anything.
When we got home, Tommie set up my computer to make sure it didn't self destruct and Maya spent more time sitting at it than I did. I sat on the floor and made paper pinwheel art out of old magazines (more on that later) because I saw them in a window display on the way to the Apple store earlier that day and got inspired. As Tommie said, "You are the only person who gets a new computer and goes home to make paper wheels." True.

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