Monday, October 21, 2013

30/30: Blinded by the Light

October 21st

We saw Tommie's favorite band/idol/hero/man-crush, NIN, play at the PNC arena in Raleigh.
Trent puts on a concert with a light show attached (I keep telling Tommie it's the same as what Moby used to do, but apparently it's a little more involved than that).  
There were lots of lights--I'm not sure how the band has not gone blind playing all these shows.  At times, I put on my sunglasses and closed my eyes and it was still too bright.  Then again, I have large sensitive eyes...and I'm old.
NIN puts on a good show as far as entertainment goes.  Tommie, of course, loved it even if Trent forgot to give him a 3oth birthday shout-out.

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