Thursday, October 17, 2013

30/30: Good Food Makes 30 Easier to Swallow

October 17th 
(Amber's Birthday)

A couple minutes from our house, in between intersecting roads, there is a small "island" of delicious food.  Nana Taco is one of those places--we end up there a lot, but NT's mother restaurant, Nana's, is a fancier restaurant across the street.  We hadn't gone there yet because we didn't have a good excuse, but turning 30 seemed like a good one.
The entrees in particular were very good.  Nana's has seasonal menus to keep things fresh and local (it changes monthly).  Our night involved smoked salmon, shrimp risotto, maple leaf duck, maine halibut, and poached pear crisp.

I might officially be 30, but I still have the rest of the month to let it settle in.

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