Friday, October 11, 2013

30/30: Hidden Oasis

October 11th

After forcing Tommie to do some evening errands with me, we went to Straw Valley Cafe for chai lattes.  They also have a beer & wine barn so there's something for everyone here.
People have been telling us about this funky little spot sandwiched between the 15/501 and a bunch of strip malls, but it's hard to believe it until you see it with your own eyes.
This zen-like compound is complete with cozy rooms, bamboo bordered grounds, and all kinds of cool indoor/outdoor nooks to sit in.  It doesn't feel like it belongs where it is; probably because it was built in the 1950's as a residence before all the roads and stores were built up around it.  It's tucked quietly behind all the chaos so that you feel like you're somewhere completely removed from it all.
We sipped chai on the open patio, listened to a good soundtrack of music, and decided that we'll definitely be coming back.

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