Saturday, October 26, 2013

30/30: Day at the State Fair

October 26th
Tommie's favorite part of the North Carolina State Fair was probably the quiet garden.  He's really not a "fair" kind of guy.  I couldn't convince him to come on The Swinger with me, so I had to go on it alone.  The last time I was on one of these I was probably a pre-teen--sometimes it's still fun to fly around.

But we did look at the cute goats and bunnies, the honey bees, and giant pumpkins, and played a game of skee-ball together.

We didn't go overboard with fatty fair food because we had to stop at Bosphorus on the way for more Lachmacun, but we did get some hot apple cider, and tried fried Oreos (to which Tommie responded madly, "Couldn't they at least be double-stuffed!").  He's a sucker for cotton candy though which might be one of the only reasons he attends these things. 

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